Jinshan Sulfuric Fire Fishing Jinshan Sulfuric Fire Fishing

The Endangered Fishing Culture     

Jinshan Sulfuric Fire Fishing     
Taiwan Tea Testing Taiwan Tea Testing
Tea Garden Observing    
Teaism Experience     

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The Endangered Fishing Culture

Jinshan Carbide Fishing is originally the fishing method of Bassy’s indigenous people. As the fishing equipment evolved and the outflow of labor force increased, the method of fishing showed the sign of waning.


Central Taiwan is the key position of art, agriculture, and culture. Lin’s Family Mansion, Pearl Milk Tea DIY, teaism expereince, and diverse travel spots are all combined in 3 Days tour.


The best way of understanding Taiwan is to bike.
Riding on the highest provincial road with an elevation of 3275 meters, you will eventually feel like staying in natural wonderland .

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We are able to arrange different types of transportation such as 9-seat nanny van, premium limousine, luxury yacht or private helicopter when traveling around Taiwan. Let’s get touched by the different perspective of sea, earth and air of Taiwan.

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