Welcome to Taiwan

We hope that every friend who comes to Taiwan can draw their own map of Taiwan and write down their own stories through the footsteps they have walked in this land.

Traditional arts and culture

The profound Chinese traditional culture is hidden in the surroundings of our lives.

Natural Ecology Exploration

Taiwan has a rare ecosystem in the world, and is one of the most popular countries for wilderness observers to visit, and travelers who come to Taiwan as guests can have a lot of harvest and memories.

Taste the local cuisine

Specialties are another way to present culture, and there are snacks with local names all over the North, Middle and South.

A Trip Dedicated To You

We play to create the dream of the engineer, life hangs in the pursuit of the perfect performance again and again, only for you to complete the dream to achieve, we will travel to give a new value and mission.

Why you need Pac Taiwan

Tailored tours. For you the best

Whether traveling on a luxury cruise, hiking in a wild mountain, exploring a relaxing forest, or integrating into local life, Taiwan has countless beautiful scenic area you might not have seen on the internet, and we make them all possible in your tour.

Local transportations. Surrounded by comfort

We are able to arrange different types of transportation such as 9-seat nanny van, premium limousine, luxury yacht or private helicopter when traveling around Taiwan. Let’s get touched by the different perspective of sea, earth and air of Taiwan.

Professional tour guide. At your service anytime

Our teammates are people from all over Taiwan. They are well-trained, considerate and willing to show you the authentic Taiwan. If you are passionate to natures, histories, cultures of Taiwan, our team are ready to get in service.