Volando Wulai for 2 Days

Total Tour Days

2 Days, including 1 night at hotel



Wulai / Into Therapeutic Healing Woods / Banqiao Station

Yinhedong Waterfall
An easily accessible sight of New Taipei, and perhaps the most picturesque in all of Taiwan, Yinhedong Waterfall is about 30 meters high and separated into two parts by a cave in the middle of waterfall. Its name literally means ‘Silver River Cave’ or Milky Way Cave.
Gong.Formosa Melody
A Gong Master living in the mountain of Wulai, has devoted himself in the production of Gong artworks for decades. Let’s visit the Master’s atelier and experience this sound of heaven.
Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort – Selected by Relais & Châteaux
There’s no measure of time in this wonderful resort. All you have to do is to enjoy the tranquility, gazing at the river, counting the ripples on water surface, and according your own breath in concert with the surrounding mountain and river.
Soyan.Fine Dining
Soyan, means ‘Joy & Happiness’ in Atayal. The chef combines Taiwanese local seasonal ingredients, demonstrates the French gastronomy with a touch of aboriginal soul.

Lunch: Local Chef’s Tasting Menu (US$ 40)
Dinner:Soyan.Fine Dining

Wulai / Into Therapeutic Healing Woods / Banqiao Station

Into the Therapeutic Woods
Retire from the soaring city and immerse into the greenery woods to enjoy the mother earth’s therapeutic benefits of phythoncidere and fresh air.

Lunch:Local Chef’s Tasting Menu (US$ 40)