Beautiful East coast Taiwan for 7 days

Total Tour Days

7 Days, including 6 nights at hotel



Taoyuan International Airport → 1hr → Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor → 40 min → Buyanting →Hotel

Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor~Rainbow harbor

Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor was the biggest fishing harbor in Keelung city when the time back to Japanese occupation period in 1934. Although the harbor is no longer a bustling center but still maintain the traditional architecture. In 2018, lots of artists help the harbor change into the popular IG photo spot because of the colorful building. Now Chen-Pin fishing harbor is become a famous tour spot again.

Buyanting~part of 36 secret tourist spots in Taiwan

Buyanting is located in New Taipei City Highway 102. While walking on the Highway, you can enjoy the both mountains and the beautiful sea view. About the name of Buyan means never boring. That is the reason people love to visit here so much.

Breakfast: Traditional Taiwanese snakes
Lunch: Local fresh seafood
Dinner: At hotel

Accommodation:Adagio Jinquashi B&B or similar

Keelung city → 2hr → Taroko National Park (Shanyue Suspension Bridge&Hotel)

Shanyue Suspension Bridge

Shanyue Suspension Bridge is the newest tourist spot in Taroko National Park start in 2020. At a length of 196 m and a width of 2.5 m, is the longest and highest bridge in Taroko Nation Park. The bridge crossing the Liwu Valley at a height of about 152 m, people can enjoy the magnificent view from the bridge for both steep walls of the gorge and the Liwu River.

Silks Place Taroko Hotel

Silks Place Taroko Hotel is the only five-star hotel located in the Taroko National Park. While embracing the beauty of the local greenery, enjoy the highest quality service from the hotel.

Breakfast: At hotel
Lunch: Aborigine traditional meals
Dinner: At hotel

Accommodation:Silks Place Taroko Hotel or similar

Baiyang Trail → 5min → The Tunnel of Nine Turn s→ 1hr→ Hotel

Baiyang Trail-Best trail to discover the mighty sceneries of Taroko

The walk follows the old road, passing by a number of tunnels. It’s about 2 km long, walking about 2.5 hours to reach the waterfall if taking a pleasant walk. Sceneries along the path are where the best to appreciate the beauty and the masterpiece made by Nature God.

The Tunnel of Nine Turns

One of the most beautiful roads in the Taroko National Park. Because the creases of the valley make the walking trails bend and change. Overlooking the cliffs and gorges, you can see the rushing stream and the mystery of nature, which makes people want to discover the nature of beauty.

Gaeavilla Resort Hualien

Gaeavilla Resort is the only one in the country and featuring organic herbs as its theme. When you come here, you can sniff the fragrance of herb in the breeze at will, and meet the pure natural ecology on the 20,000 square meters of non-toxic land. Staying at Geavilla resort is not only a place to stay but also a place to upgrade your mind and mental.

Breakfast:At hotel
Lunch:Taiwanese traditional cuisine
Dinner:At hotel

Accommodation:Gaeavilla Resort Hualien or similar

Hotel → 1hr 40min → King Kong Avenue → 10 min → Father Josef's Method of Reflexology →10min → Sinasera 24 → 5 min → B&B

King Kong Avenue

King Kong Avenue is known as Taitung’s Brown Avenue, it is part of the Zhongyong Bicycle Trail. It named King Kong Avenue is because it overlooks Mount King Kong on the west coast mountain range. Walking on the avenue, you can see the boundless terraces for both sides and people can enjoy the wave of the sea breeze blow and the golden rice ears sway in the wind.

Father Josef’s Method of Reflexology

Father Josef from Switzerland has developed unique methods to convey people’s health secrets. By using the method of reflexology to heal your body from the soles of the feet. Through reflexology, you can relax and make the journey more comfortable.

Sinasera 24
Sinasera 24 is a French restaurant with tasting menu. The chef Mr. Nick who worked for three- Michelin-star restaurants in France. He is the master to rebuilds ordinary and common aboriginal ingredients into an amazing cuisine. He said that French cuisine pays attention to “terroir”, just like the restaurant name Sinasera 24. Sinasera is the Ami word for earth, 24 represents the twenty-four solar terms. As the inspiration, we use whatever nature gives us.

Breakfast:At hotel
Lunch:Ocean view restaurant with chef’s tasting menu
Dinner:Sinasera 24

Accommodation:Farm Maison B &B or similar

Hotel → 50min → Ceiroh Tribe → 10min→ Hotel

Ceiroh Tribe

The Ceroh tribe is located in Yuli Town of Hualien County along the Xiuguluan River and picturesque County Road 193. The residents in Ceroh include indigenous Amis, Han Chinese, and Hakka people, which composes of lively and unique communities. The three main crops of this tribe are paddy rice, arrowroot, and bamboo shoots. Under the attitude of respecting ancestors’ life and friendly environment, the Ceroh tribe has become an important tribal industry in Taiwan.

Grand Cosmos Resort

Grand Cosmos Resort is the only Five-star hotel in Ruisui, Hualien. You can enjoy the hot spring inside of your room and have the best International cuisine with traditional local food in the hotel buffet.

Breakfast:At hotel
Lunch:Aborigine traditional meals
Dinner:Hotel buffet

Accommodation:Grand Cosmos Resort Ruisui, Hualien or similar

Hotel → 30min → Yuli train station → Puyuma Express 3hr30 min →Taipei train station →Taipei 101 → Hotel

Taipei 101

One of the tallest building in the world; Taipei 101 is an important landmark in Xinyi District, featuring an Indoor Observation deck (88th and 89th floor) and an Outdoor Observation deck (91st floor). Both offer 360-degree views and attract visitors from around the world.

Breakfast:At hotel
Lunch:Featured Chinese food box on board
Dinner:Traditional Taiwanese cuisine

Accommodation:Renaissance Taipei Shihlin Hotel or similar

National Palace Museum → 50min → Taoyuan International Airport

National Palace Museum

Hundreds of thousands of collections were brought to Taiwan after KMT Government evacuated to Taiwan, making the National Palace Museum the Home to the world’s largest and arguably finest collection of Chinese art. The most popular art collections such as Jade Cabbage and Meat-Shape Stone are both the permanent exhibition in National Palace Museum.

Breakfast:At hotel
Lunch:Featured Chinese meals

Accommodation:Sweet home