Slow-living tour in Yilan for 4 days

Total Tour Days 4 Days, including 3 nights at hotel Destination Taiwan Taipei Main Station →Thousand Island Lake→ Ukawoodart Restaurant → BeiShiu River bike path →JUSTSTAY Thousand Island Lake。Crocodile Island viewing platform Shiding Thousand Island Lake located on upstream of Feitsui Reservoir. FeiTsui Reservoir is formed by a chain of mountain and Thousand Island Lake....
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Beautiful East coast Taiwan for 7 days

Total Tour Days 7 Days, including 6 nights at hotel Destination Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport → 1hr → Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor → 40 min → Buyanting →Hotel Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor~Rainbow harbor Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor was the biggest fishing harbor in Keelung city when the time back to Japanese occupation period in 1934. Although the harbor...
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