Taiwan KOM Cycling Scenic Tour for 8 days

Total Tour Days

8 Days, including 7 nights at hotel




After arriving at Taoyuan International Airport, your journey dedicated service team will escort you and your fellows from airport to Taipei city, the capital city of Taiwan, where you can enjoy some free time at arrival. Kick off your journey with a festive welcome diner party at hotel.

Dinner:Welcome Party at Hotel

Accommodation:Ceasar Park Hotel Taipei or similar

Taipei City

Taipei City
Taipei is a city blended with urban sophistication and natural beauty. Today is the right moment to explore the city and go behind the scene, or follow the tour guide’s lead to discover the best recommended experience!

Breakfast: At Hotel
Lunch: X
Dinner: X

Accommodation:Ceasar Park Hotel Taipei or similar

Riding Itinerary : Hualien→Taroko

Taipei Train Station (by PUYUMA Express) / Hualien Train Station ⇨riding 40km, climbing 1,232m⇨Silk Palace Taroko Hotel
※Total riding distance : 40KM

Transfer from hotel to Taipei main station and take the PUYUMA Express to Hualien Train Station. We will first head toward the Silk Palace Taroko Hotel in the north by taking the provincial route No.9, where you can enjoy the beauty of Taian’s country side. Take a picture when passing by the foot of Taroko Archway. Then arising alongside the Liwu River, you will find amazing view of Swallow Grotto, Taroko gorge and Jiuqudong.

Breakfast:At Hotel
Lunch:Snack from support team
Dinner:At Hotel

Accommodation:Taroko Silk Palace Hotel or similar

Riding Itinerary : Taroko→Wuling→Cingjing Farm

Taroko⇨riding 86km, climbing 3,208m⇨Wuling⇨riding 21km⇨Cingjing Farm
※Total riding distance : 107KM

Let’s get up a bit earlier and get fully ready for the one of the well-known Taiwan KOM challenge – East Wuling Trail. Over 3,000 m to climb, the mountain thin air to overcome, and the fog as an unstable weather condition, Wuling is one of the kinds, also the most difficult spot to conquer behind the Hehuan Mountain Tourist Center. Once arrive at Wuling, a transport to today’s accommodation, at Cingjin Farm, will be arranged according to the traffic and weather condition on site. And of course, safety is always the priority concern.
The highest spot among Taiwanese provincial route, provides breathe-taking views of seas of clouds and mountains.
Cingjing Farm
Great place to admire mountain view and enjoy fresh air, Cingjin Farm is also famed for producing temperate fruits, vegetables, and the sheep shearing activity!

Breakfast:At Hotel
Lunch:Snack from support team
Dinner:Cingjing local food

Accommodation:The Cotwolds Villa or similar

Riding Itinerary : Cingjin→Puli→Sun Moon Lake

Cingjing⇨riding 35km⇨Puli⇨riding 30km, climbing 529m⇨Sun Moon Lake
※Total riding distance : 65KM

Admire the foggy environment of mountain’s beauty after your delicious breakfast, stretching a bit and taking a walk to wake up from the riding stiffness of yesterday. Then get on bike and head to the center city in Taiwan – Puli. After lunch, our next destination will be Sun Moon Lake, where you can marvel at the poetic lake scene by taking bike trail.
Sun Moon Lake
As one of the most enchanting attractions in Taiwan, mysteries about Sun Moon Lake are massive. We will take shuttle boat and enjoy comfortable breeze. Or we can also choose a trail in the region to challenge as well!

Breakfast:At Hotel
Lunch:Puli local food
Dinner:At Hotel

Accommodation:Fleure de Chine Hotel or similar

Riding Itinerary : Sun Moon Lake→Dongpu Hote Spring

Sun Moon Lake⇨riding 50km, climbing 908m⇨Dongpu Hot Spring
※Total riding distance : 50KM

Enjoy your free time around Sun Moon Lake, departure will be scheduled for noon. On the road, we will pass by Shuili village and then head south. The ray of sunshine in valley among the mountains is very lovely and comforting. Make sure to take a nice hot spring bath once arriving at Dongpu, and prepare yourself for tomorrow’s challenge – Tataka.

Dongpu Hot Spring
Dongpu Hot Spring Area is a famous hot spring with abundant materials contain in it, winning a high praise from hot spring experts.

Breakfast:At Hotel
Lunch:Snack from support team
Dinner:At Hotel

Snack from support team

Riding Itinerary : Dongpu Hote Spring→Tataka→Chiayi

Dongpu⇨riding 30km, climbing 167m⇨Tataka⇨riding 93km, climbing 451m⇨Chiayi
※Total riding distance : 123KM

Tataka is the second difficult trail in Nantou area. With 30km to climb, the competitors have to be extremely resistant to be able to conquer this one. After Tataka, it will be an easy cozy downhill to ride, and to enjoy the magnificent view of Alishan Mountain. The memorable journey will soon come to the end when we arrive at Chiayi City.

The name ‘’Tataka‘’comes from the aboriginal language of Tsou and literally means – wide place with flat grassland. Sitting at an altitude of 2,620m, Tatak is the highest place among New Central Cross-island Highway.

Breakfast:At Hotel
Lunch:Snack from support team 
Dinner:At Hotel

Accommodation:Hotel Day Plus Teascape or similar

Daily Itinerary :Chiayi→Taoyuan

Having the breakfast feast in tranquility and enjoying the facilities treat at hotel, you may follow the tour guide’s lead to wonder in Chiayi City or explore the city on your own. This unforgettable journey will come to the end by the escort to Taoyuan International Airport of your dedicated service team. We hope you enjoy this journey and wish seeing you very soon in the near future!

Breakfast:At Hotel

Accommodation:Home Sweet Home