Southern culture exploration for 4 days

Total Tour Days

4 Days, including 3 nights at hotel



The Provence of Taiwan: Trabal of Rinari/Xiao Ancient House, Jiadong town/Poet trail, Jiadong town/N°22 Hot Spring Hotel

The Provence of Taiwan: Trabal of Rinari
Some of the people call The Tribal of Rinari is the trible from the heaven, surrounded by mountains, quiet environment. Each building in trible is with the variety style and traditional totems of the aborigine. You will need to take off your shoes before entering each home in order to show your respect to the host. So the tribal of Rinari is also has the name of the shoe-off tribe. The tourist can follow the tour guide and explore the cultural and unique traditions of the tribe.
Xiao Ancient House, Jiadong town
Back to ancient Jiadong period, the unique harbor location and booming economy make this place become more and more people lives here. So that Jiadong town is become the largest Hakka town than others. Especially, the Xiao family was a big family in early Jiadong. Its house is known as the superior dragon’s cave. Now, the ancient house and Buyuelou are listed as third-class monuments, and they are the only Hakka five-entry house in Taiwan.
Poet trail, Jiadong town
In Jiadong town, there is a trail full of artistic atmosphere. The trail is also known as “Six Piles of Poets Walking Path.” Walking on the trail, feel the Hakka soul, and immerse in the old street through art.

Breakfast: X
Lunch: Local creative cuisine
Dinner: Tribal Style Creative Cuisine

Longkeng/Private sail boat experiment/A-shin choco farm/GLORIA MANOR

Longkeng is become the unique landscapes due to the special affect from the wind of the winter. Because of the researching value of its numerous plants, birds and reptiles, Longkeng now is the listed as an ecological protection area. People need to make the reservation so that can visit this mystery place.
Private sail boat experiment
Pac tour special arrange the private sail boat trip. You can enjoy the beautiful sea view with no one will bother you. You can fully relax and take the SUP or snorkeling in the sea. That is the unique way to explore the southern coast in Taiwan.
A-shin choco farm
In the choco farm, you can join an ecological tour to receive the knowledge for the choco life cycle. Also, there are a lot of deer and bonny. It is a wonderland for both parents and children.

Breakfast: At the hotel
Lunch:Local seafood cuisine
Dinner:At the hotel

GLORIA MANOR or similar

The Alangyi Historic Trail/The one and only luxury Spa treatment/Mundanwan Villa

The Alangyi Historic Trail
The Alangyi Historic Trail is connects Hsuhai village and Pingtung with Nantian village, Taitung. Back to ancient time, people need a permit to enter the trail and it is hard to have it. So that the trail is full of rich ecological resources and years and years are attract people to visit this mystery corner.
The one and only luxury Spa treatment
After the excite trail exploration. Pac tour arrange luxury spa to make you feel relax and miracle for 60 min massage.
Mundanwan Villa

Breakfast: At the hotel
Lunch: Tribal Style Bento
Dinner: At the hotel

Mundanwan Villa or similar

1300 art center/Great Harbor Bridge/HOLO PARK 7D Floating Theater/高鐵左營站

1300 art center
1300 art center is a local porcelain art brand. The owner is hoping to keep the best craftsmanship in his hometown. The 1300 is mean the best year of the porcelain in Song dynasties 1300 years ago. The 1300 also represents the high temperature of 1300°C, which produced the warmest color and texture of porcelain
Great Harbor Bridge
It is the first horizontal revolving landscapes bridge in Taiwan and the longest cross-port revolving bridge in Asia. The exterior is designed with shells and dolphins as the imagery. It is not only beautiful in shape, but also a must-see landmark in the port area.
HOLO PARK 7D Floating Theater
HOLO park 7D floating theater is opening in April 2021. The theater is featuring 7D with visual effects and combined with the local characteristics of Kaohsiung. In the theater, you also can find the international cuisine, bars, and the newest hot spot for photo shooting.

Breakfast: At the hotel
Lunch: No Menu Cuisine
Dinner: X