Xianshang & Sun Moon Lake

Day – 1

Venue ⇨ Xianshan bike tour ⇨ Lunch ⇨ Sun Moon Lake shuttle boat tour (Shueishe Wharf – Syuanguang Temple – Ci En Pagoda – Ita Thao) ⇨ Sun Moon Lake Cable Car ⇨ Taichung

Xianshan Tourist Center

Xianshan Tourist Center, enabled at 2011, was designed by Japanese Architect Dan Norihiko. With its simple and generate style, unique modelling and wide occupied area, Xianshan Tourist Center attracts plenty of tourists coming for its specialties, turning the Center into the must-visit architecture. You can not only enjoy the view of Sun Moon Lake, but also get a great relaxation here.

Xianshan bike path

The total length of the bicycle path is 2.5 kilometer, including 600 meters, the only “floating cycling path” in Taiwan. The bike path is famed with its stunning sceneries, and was listed on the 10 best bike routes in the world by CNN. The gentle slope of the path allows families here to enjoy a safe ride. While cycling on the bike path, the Shueishe Dam you just passed by is the essential spot for couples to take wedding photos.

Shuttle Boat Tour

Sun Moon Lake, one of the Eight Views of Taiwan, is widely known for the different sceneries in four seasons. Riding on the luxury yacht in Taiwan’s largest freshwater lake, you can feel the romance and breathtaking sight of Island Lalu, Shuishe Harbor, Ita Shao, Syuanguang Temple, and Ci En Pagoda.

Syuanguang Temple

Syuanguang Temple is where people worship to Master Syuanzhan. During the Sino-Japanese War, Japanese soldiers took Master Syuanzhan’s parietal bone relic away, and sent it back to Syuanguang until 1958. Syuanguan Temple is about 10 meters far from the lake, which enables tourists to appreciate picturesque lake scene from such a great location. The architectural style of the temple follows the ancient Tang Dynasty style, symbolizing the age when Master Syuanzhang went for the pilgrimage. Up on the wall, an inscribed board was suspended, with the title “National Grand Master” written on the board in Chinese, presenting sacred atmosphere there.

Ci En Pagoda

Chiang Kai Shek, the late leader of Taiwan, gave out the order to construct the Ci En Pagoda in order to express the gratitude to his mother, Mrs.Wang. On the way of Ci En Pagoda, leafy trees tower to the sky, bringing fresh breeze over. Cicadas chirp as if they are cheering for visitors. Do not miss the chance to reach the top floor of the pagoda after arriving at the forecourt of Ci En pagoda. With the entire lake come into your view, then you will realize how it got its name.

Sun Moon Lake Cable Car

The cable car is the alternative way to travel around Sun Moon Lake. By overlooking the lake, you will then understand how the name of Sun Moon Lake is decided. The north of the lake is shaped like a sun while the south of it shaped like a crescent moon. The panoramic view is clear in sunny days, and presenting splashed-ink prospect in rainy days.

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