Western Taiwan 8 Days Tour

Total Tour Days

8 Days, including 7 nights at hotel



Taoyuan International Airport/Miaoli ‧ Tai’an Hot Spring

Miaoli ‧ Tai’an Hot Spring
The hot spring water is abundant and the cherry blossoms are graceful during the blossom season. The water is colorless and odorless.

Breakfast: X
Lunch: On the Airplane
Dinner: Buffet at Hotel

Accommodation: Onsen Papawaqa or similar

Old Mountain Line Rail Bike/Pearl Milk Tea DIY in Taichung/Fengjia Night Market

Old Mountain Line Rail Bike
Sheng-Hsing Train Station is the highest railway station on the western railway, featuring the beauty of Hakka Mountain City.
Pearl Milk Tea DIY in Taichung
Taichung is the origin of pearl milk tea; therefore, give a try while having lunch in Chun Shui Tang will be an unforgettable experience!
Fengjia Night Market
Fengjia night market is where you need a night to explore. Snacks in will make you drool and tiny stores will amazed you as you find out how interesting the goods are.

Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast
Lunch: Local Hakka Cuisine
Dinner: Dinner on own in night market

Accommodation: Fairfield by Marriott Taichung or similar

Wufen Lin Family/Sun Moon Lake

Wufen Lin Family
Here you can know the daily living of the Lin’s family by visiting their house, and see Chinese and Western architecture style blending smoothly together but showing both their features.
Sun Moon Lake~We will arrange a yacht to enjoy the beauty of the lake.
Mysteries about Sun Moon Lake are massive, making it one of the most enchanting attractions in Taiwan. Riding on the luxury yacht in Taiwan’s largest freshwater lake, you can enjoy the breathtaking sight and feel the comfortable breeze touching your cheeks and neck.

Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast
Lunch: Traditional Cuisine
Dinner: Delicate Set Meal by Chief

Accommodation: Fleur de Chine Hotel or similar

Tea Garden Observing

Tea Garden Observing~We will arrange a special teaism experience today
Imagine that you are a tea farmer wearing a bamboo hat and strolling in the tea garden. In tea garden, the guide will introduce the way of distinguishing tea species. Deep and professional process of Teaism will be shown by Taiwanese tea expert. The peaceful atmosphere makes tea more than a drink, turning it to be an art of taste and spirit.

Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast
Lunch: Chinese Tea Cuisine
Dinner: Buffet at Hotel

Accommodation: Chan Shuo-The Pavilion of Phoenix or similar

Anping Fort/Anping Old Street

Anping Fort
Anping Fort, originally named as “Fort Zeelandia” by the Dutch, is a fortress built from 1624 to 1634. Though it was destroyed by the Japanese during Japanese Colonization, a thirty-feet tall wall ruin was remained at the south of the castle.
Anping Old Street~We will arrange a traditional Tainan Brown Sugar Bun Cake DIY today
Anping Old Street was the first street built by the Dutch in Anping more than 300 years ago, also surrounded by many other historical sites, as well as the center of the culinary capital of Taiwan. It is a great place to enjoy the interesting history and its delicious cuisine.

Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast
Lunch: Typical Dish in Tainan
Dinner: Seasonal Hot Pod

Accommodation: Silks Place Tainan or similar

Rinari Tribe Visit

Rinari Tribe Visit
Surrounded by mountains, Rinari enjoys an expansive birds-eye-view of the idyllic Pingbei Plain. As you walk about in Rinari, you shall find churches here and there. Each church has a different exterior, making Rinari a special place. Dance with your host and immerse in pure joy.

Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast
Lunch: Tribe Specialty Restaurant
Dinner: Particular Dishes

Accommodation: H2O Hotel in Kaohsiung or similar

Take Taiwan High Speed Rail from Kaohsiung to Taipei./Traditional Puppetry Show

Traditional Puppetry Show
Puppet theater’s rich history throughout Asia is well known. One of the most popular types of puppetry in Taiwan is budaixi which puppets are worn like a glove and manipulated by hand.

Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast
Lunch: Local Flavor Dishes
Dinner: Din Tai Fung Xiao Long Bao

Accommodation: Regent Taipei or similar

Taoyuan International Airport

Taoyuan International Airport
Depart from the hotel and take a private cat to【Taoyuan International Airport】

Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast
Lunch: On the Airplane
Dinner: X

Accommodation: Your Sweet Home