Taichung Foodie Day Tour

Day – 1

Hotel / Train Station / High Speed Rail Station(THSR) in Taichung City ⇨ Second Public Market for Taichung Style Brunch ⇨ Wufen Lin Family Mansion and Garden ⇨ Wanhe Temple ⇨ Self-made Jew’s Mallow Cake ⇨ Return to Hotel / Train Station / THSR in Taichung City

Second Public Market for Taichung Style Brunch

Feast up in Second Public Market is the common memories for all Taichung residents. Taichung has attracted lots of people with their reputation of delicious food, therefore, as you enter Second Public Market, open your delicacies radar and try as much local snacks as you can! Fried radish cake, meat ball soup, minced pork rice, scallion pie are the delicacies you can’t miss trying!

Wufen Lin Family Mansion and Garden

Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and Garden is a extremely splendid place and is listed in the four most fascinating mansion in all Taiwan. It originally belonged to one of the four greatest families in Taiwan, the Lin’s Family in Taichung. Because of the great size of the Lin’s Family, the whole site was divided into three sections-the Laiyuan, upper and lower houses. Here you can know the daily living of the Lin’s family by visiting their house, and see Chinese and Western architecture style blending smoothly together but showing both their features.

Wanhe Temple

Wanhe Temple is the most ancient temples in Taichung and brings with many legendary stories for more than three hundred years. Wanhe Temple worships the holy mother, who is more commonly known as Mazu or the big old mother from Meizhou. Temple cultures and taboos will be detailed introduced by tour guide.

Self-made Jew’s Mallow Champion Rice Cake

Champion rice cake is a traditional Chinese style sweet snacks which can be traced back to Tang Dynasty. When the traditional snack meets Jew’s Mallow, the unique vegetable growing only in Taichung, they perfectly integrated. Listen to the story told by tour guide while making the Cake, Taichung’s cozy atmosphere in the afternoon will make you feel relaxed and peace.

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