Modern Taichung City & Night View

Taichung City is the second big city in Taiwan with a population of two hundred million people. Picnic at the allotment in the city, looking at the pets running around the grassland and parents playing with their children. Find a piece of silent from the city and immerse yourself at the moment.
Day – 1

9.00 THSR, Taichung Train Station⇨ Nature Way Six Arts Cultural Center⇨ Taichung Civic Square⇨ WangGaoLiao Night View

Natural Way Six Arts Museum

Built-in 1937 in the Japanese Colonial Period, Natural Way Six Arts Center was a place for Japanese wardens and police officers to practice martial arts. Being the only well-preserved martial arts hall in Taichung, it is extremely valuable for historical, architectural studies and adaptive reuse.

Shen Ji New Village

Renovated from old residential housing, Shenji New Village in Taichung is now a vibrant creative and cultural hub where many different art studios gather and organic markets take place from time to time.


Wanggaoliao is a cliff where a lookout point was built to serve as the best location to appreciate the eye-dazzling night scenery of Taichung. If you want to experience Taiwanese nightlife in a whole new way, you know where to go.

Additional Purchase

Natural Way Six Arts Museum: Activity Experience
5.Chinese Ink Painting
*Tour fee included Kendo activity, an additional NT$100 for the second activity.
*Duration of each activity is 40 minutes.
*Free guided tour service (30 minutes) for joining any activity.
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