Checheng & Sun Moon Lake

The lake is named so due to that the shape of its eastern part, which is like the sun and the western part, which is like a crescent moon. The only natural big lake in Taiwan.
Day – 1

9.00 Taichung Train Station/THSR ⇨ Checheng⇨Shuishe Visitor Center ⇨ Return


Checheng is a rustic little it was home to a thriving timber industry. Nowadays, the village has successfully restructured its tourist industry by promoting a more family-oriented scene combined with leisure and pleasure, serve as a reminder of the flourishing history of the local industry.

Shuishe Visitor Center

Providing visitors to Sun Moon Lake with a solid and complete tourist service. There is a vast, unlimited view when looking south towards Sun Moon Lake\’s bay. A departure point to the Xuanguang Pier and Yidashao Pier.

Additional Purchase

Checheng:Additional Purchase
1. Lunch: Wooden Barrel Lunchbox (NT$390/person)

Shuishe Visitor Center: Additional Purchase
1. Round the Sun Moon Lake Bus Tour (One Day Coupon: NT$80)
2. Boat Riding (unlimited access: NT$200/person)
3. Bicycle (NT$100/hour)

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