Kaohsiung, Kenting- 3-Day Tour

Stunning Sea View with hills behind
Day – 1

Hotels / Train Station / High Speed Rail Station in Kaohsiung ⇨ Fo Guan Shan Buddha Memorial Hall ⇨ Former British Consulate

Fo Guan Shan Buddha Memorial Hall

The Buddha Memorial Center was officially opened on the 25th December 2011. The Buddha Memorial Center was thus built not only to venerate the Buddha, but more importantly with the interests of sentient beings kept in mind.”

Former British Consular Residence at Dagou

The Former British Consular Residence was used as a venue for receiving ambassadors and guests in addition to accommodation purposes. If you visit here in the afternoon, the sunset of Sizihwan, which is one of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan, will shock you with its amazing beauty.

L:Vegetarian Meals in Buddha Memorial Hall
D:Kaohsiung Local Meals

Hotel in Kaohsiung City

Day – 2

Hotel ⇨ Alangyi Trail (Needs permission. Soft hiking) ⇨ Kenting National Park ⇨ Hotel

Alangyi Ancient Trail

Embraced by lush vegetation above shimmering Pacific Ocean, Alangyi Trail is famed for its pristine beauty. Before in Qing Dynasty, armies arrived Eastern Taiwan by going through the trail in order to dominate aborigines.

Kenting National Park

Kenting National Park is at the extreme southern tip of Taiwan. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and lush vegetation, and plenty of different corals. Here you can enjoy sea swimming, surfing, snorkeling and diving. Main event is Kenting will undoubtedly be shopping in Kenting night market which is going to bring you lots of joy!

L:Please bring your lunch for your better convenience in the tour
D:Kenting Night Market

Hotel in Kenting

Day – 3

Enjoy facilities in hotel ⇨ Eluanbi Lighthouse ⇨Return to Hotel / Train Station / High Speed Rail Station in Kaohsiung City

Eluanbi Lighthouse

Eluanbi Lighthouse is a lighthouse located on Cape Eluanbi, Kenting. The lighthouse is built between the Pacific Ocean and the Taiwan Strait. Thus, the lighthouse has a splendid panorama.

L:Kenting Seafood Meals


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