Slow-living tour in Yilan for 4 days

Total Tour Days

4 Days, including 3 nights at hotel



Taipei Main Station →Thousand Island Lake→ Ukawoodart Restaurant → BeiShiu River bike path →JUSTSTAY

Thousand Island Lake。Crocodile Island viewing platform
Shiding Thousand Island Lake located on upstream of Feitsui Reservoir. FeiTsui Reservoir is formed by a chain of mountain and Thousand Island Lake. The best viewing point is from Crocodile Island viewing platform look down at the lake that like a real crocodile lie on the lake.
BeiShiu River bike path (Hiking)
The newly built BeiShiu River bike path was voted to be the most beautiful and the shortest bike path in the north of Taiwan, which the river is 2.3 kilometer in length. You will walk along the river to enjoy the beauty of the forest and the view of the tea garden surrounded.
An ecological B&B were built by a well-known architect, who bought the land and from design to build were all by himself. He used a lot of woods as the building material, and combined with old fashion and modern design furniture to show the aesthetic. The rooms of the JUSTSTAY have two sides French window that you can see the mountains, river and plain, which could make you chill in this place.

Breakfast: X
Lunch: Chef’s Tasting Menu
Dinner: Creative Private Kitchen

Accommodation: JUSTSTAY 呆宅 or Ranking equally accommodation

Xinliao Waterfall Trail→ Zhuangwei Dune Museum→ ShenYen Teppanyaki Chef’s Tasting Menu→宿泊

Xinliao Waterfall Trail
After 9 years recovering, the 30 meters high Xinliao Waterfall reopened in 2018. The total length of 1.5 kilometers trail go along the river, aim to be the most beautiful trail in Yilan. To reach the first waterfall is about 900 meters, and keep going down can see the newly built hanging bridge and viewing platform.
Zhuangwei Dune Museum
In 2018, the new sightseeing point Zhuangwei Dune Museum, where located on Provincial Highway 2. Zhuangwei Dune Museum was design by a well-known architect called Sheng-Yuan, Huang. The core design idea is see the dune, and integrating the natural elements of Yilan to present the landscape style of the dune and the construction of the building space of the sand cave. In 2019, the Zhuangwei Dune Museum won the prize of FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards further more in 2020 won the prize of FIABCI World Prixd’Excellence Awards.
ShenYen Teppanyaki Chef’s Tasting Menu
Enjoy the top food ingredients from Taiwan, the chef’s exquisite cooking techniques, select fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables and other ingredients into the dish, taste, visual and tongue touch perfect combination, simple and elegant to enjoy the artistic conception.

Breakfast: JUSTSTAY
Lunch: Seafood Restaurant
Dinner: ShenYen Teppanyaki

Accommodation: JUSTSTAY 呆宅 or Ranking equally accommodation

Fushan Botanical Garden →Yupeng Villa→Herbelle, Longtan Lake→ MU JiaoXi Hotel

Fushan Botanical Garden
The Fushan Botanical Garden functions as a living tree museum of Taiwan that presents its tree and plant collections for education, research, display, and conservation. Diverse endemic plant collections are maintained in the garden. Currently, there are more than 700 species of vascular plants have been planted in this area.
Yupeng Villa(Yupeng museum, Yupeng garden creative cooking)
With the dream and vision as the blueprint, constructing the eternal architecture of water model. We love beautiful things and cherish every moment of life. We hope to share the beauty of art with you in the most natural and easy way.
Yupeng Garden Creative Dishes
Using local fresh food ingredients and water from Lanyang plain, we reinterpret delicious and healthy classics in a creative way, immersing in the irresistible charm of vision, delivering the satisfaction of taste buds, and at the same time meeting the pursuit of healthy diet.
Herbelle, Longtan Lake
Herbelle is a new tourist attraction next to the Longtan lake, which is the biggest lake in Yilan. The most interesting thing is buildings were built by white containers, which become a popular visiting attraction for social media influencers.
MU JiaoXi Hotel
MU JiaoXi Hotel inherits the unique of Humble House’s aesthetics, humanities and arts. They entrust Taiwanese artists and operating with a world famous international hotel designing group LTW. They combine modern arts and local cultures to create elegant and high quality holiday! MU JiaoXi Hotel use simple and natural as their rooms design style, moreover, each room has private hot spring pool to thoroughly rejuvenate the body and spirit.

Breakfast: JUSTSTAY
Lunch: Yupeng garden creative cooking
Dinner: MU JiaoXi Hotel
Chuan Hui or MU Table

Accommodation: MU JiaoXi Hotel or Ranking Equally Hotel

Yilan Volando Satoyama →Longdong Bay Hiking Trail→Taipei Main Station

Yilan Volando Satoyama
Satoyama came from Japanese concept of harmony between human and natural. Satoyama is dedicated to creating a restful experience and is the one of only two members of the Relais&Chateaux in Taiwan. The environment is facing the issue of alienation between human and nature. The exclusive director Jun-Lin, Jiang tried to create a place where can change the relationship between human and nature with art, so the travelers can enjoy the natural and spirit have connection.
Longdong Bay Hiking Trail
The curved rocks on Longdong coast like a dragon staying there. The bay trail link the different stories between the 6 million old Bitou Cape and the 35 million old Longdong bay. Walking on the cliff edge trail that you will see the beauty of sea and the great of mountains. The view of mountains and ocean will give you an unforgettable memory.

Breakfast: MU JiaoXi Hotel
Lunch: Satoyama
Dinner: X

Accommodation: X