Round Taiwan 9 Days

In-Depth Tour
Day – 1

Airport ⇨ Hotel in Taichung

Hotel in Taichung

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D:Chinese meals

Hotel in Taichung City

Day – 2

Hotel ⇨ Taiwanese Cooking Lesson (demo by Taiwanese Chef) ⇨ Boat riding on Sun Moon Lake ⇨ Hotel

Taiwan traditional market shopping

Leading by Taiwanese chef, we will go to traditional Taiwan market. With diverse agriculture products placing on the stand, it is surely a feast of senses when shopping in the market. Chef will introduce the ingredients using in the snacks later in the cooking activity.

Taiwan snacks demo by Chef

In this cooking lesson, the Chef will demo the process of Taiwan’s local snack cooking by the ingredients that was bought in the market. It is going to be an amazing experience to see the original ingredients transform into finished products.

Boat riding on Sun Moon Lake

Take the lake ferry, enjoy comfortable breeze touching your cheeks and neck, and visit attractions near the lake such as Syuanguang Temple, Ci En Pagoda and Xiangshan Tourist Center.

B:Hotel breakfast
L:Featured cuisine with handmade Taiwanese snacks
D:Sun Moon Lake Chinese delicacies

Hotel in Sun Moon Lake

Day – 3

Hotel ⇨ Tainan Chikan Castle ⇨ Ten Drums Cultural Village ⇨ Hotel

Tainan Chikan Castle

Fort Provintia, also known as Chihkan Tower, is one of Tainan’s (and Taiwan’s) most famous historic buildings. Built by the Dutch colonialists in 1653, it served as their military and trading post until 1662, when Koxinga (or 鄭成功), a military commander loyal to Ming Dynasty came from the Chinese mainland, conquered it and took over the control of the part of Taiwan around today’s Tainan.

Ten Drums Cultural Village

The largest development goal of Ten drums Group is to promote Taiwan’s local culture and continue on passing down the art of percussion. In order to make Taiwanese pay attention on traditional drums art, Ten Drums gives performance not only in Taiwan but also in the world. Their efforts paid off and were invited to perform in Las Vegas, New York, Vancouver, and other international metropolitans.

B:Hotel breakfast
D: Traditional Taiwanese cuisine

Hotel in Tainan City

Day – 4

Hotel ⇨ Bus to Taitung ⇨ Paiwan glass beads bracelet DIY ⇨ Hotel

Paiwan Glass Beads Bracelet DIY

One of the most successful indigenous cultural industries in Taiwan is that of the glass beads of the Paiwan tribe. But, these are not only works of art or fashion design, but are also part of a rich history and culture. In addition to purchasing what is produced here, visitors can make a bead of their own as a unique souvenir of their trip to Taitung.

B:Hotel breakfast
L:Taitung featured snacks
D:Aborigine traditional meals

Hotel in Taitung

Day – 5

Hotel ⇨ Chishang Bike Path ⇨ Gankou Tribe-The origin of Ami Tribe ⇨ Hotel

Chishan Bike Trail

Chishang is the county producing the best crops in Taiwan. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss the chance to taste the lunch box in Chishang. With the total length of 8 kilometers, costing about 2 hours to finish the ride, the view of the bike path has attracted bunches of bikers here to enjoy it.

Gankou Tribe-The origin of Ami Tribe

-Guide around the tribe
The location of Gankou tribe was where the ancestors of Ami people moved from other country and built their village. It was also the origin place that the Amis start their history.
-Ami Tribe Aborigine Meals
The Amis is the only aborigine that lives both inland and besides the sea. Therefore, traditional meals are featured with both seafood and mountain food products.
-Sing and dance with people in the Ami tribe
The Amis is talented in singing. Many of them work as singers and are famous in Taiwan’s music industry. Here we will sing together with the Amis and enjoy the entertainments with them.

B:Hotel breakfast
L:Traditional Amis’ meal
D:Featured Chinese meals

Hotel in Hualien County

Day – 6

Hotel ⇨ Taroko National Park ⇨ Bulowan ⇨ Baiyang Trail ⇨ Hotel

Bulowan Terraces-The trace which the channel of Liwu river migrated

Buluowan is divided into Upper Terrace and Lower Terrace. In the lower terrace, you can see service station and exhibition halls introducing Taroko Tribe. Multimedia presentations are also played here for tourists to get to know more about Taroko.

Baiyang Trail-Best trail to discover the mighty sceneries of Taroko

The walk follows the old road, passing by a number of tunnels. It’s about 2 km long, taking about 2.5 hours to reach the waterfall if taking a pleasant walk. Sceneries along the path are where the best to appreciate the beauty and the masterpiece made by Nature God.

B:Hotel breakfast
L:Western set meals in aboriginal style
D:Dinner in hotel

Hotel in Taroko Gorge

Day – 7

Hotel ⇨ Train to Taipei ⇨ National Palace Museum ⇨ Taipei 101 ⇨ Hotel

National Palace Museum

Hundreds of thousands of collections were brought to Taiwan after KMT Government evacuated to Taiwan, making the National Palace Museum the Home to the world’s largest and arguably finest collection of Chinese art. The most popular art collections such as Jade Cabbage and Meat-Shape Stone are both the permanent exhibition in National Palace Museum.

Taipei 101 (Observatory ticket not included)

Taipei 101 is an important landmark in Xinyi District, featuring an Indoor Observation deck (88th and 89th floor) and an Outdoor Observation deck (91st floor). Both offer 360-degree views and attract visitors from around the world.

B:Hotel breakfast
D:Ding Tai Feng

Hotel in Taipei City

Day – 8

Hotel ⇨ Taipei Duty Free Shop ⇨ Presidential Office ⇨ Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall ⇨ Longshan Temple ⇨ Free time in Taipei

Presidential Office

Presidential Office Building was originally built as the Office of the Governor-General of Taiwan during Japanese Colonial period. The building is open for public, allowing people to take a look of its interiors.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

The main color of Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, which are white and blue, symbolize “blue sky and white cloud” of the national emblem. In every hour, there will be a changing guard ceremony, which is free and no tickets are required.

Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple was built in 1738 by immigrants from Fujia, China. It always keeps it nature as a Buddhist temple, but in the course of its development many deities of Taoism were also included.

B:Hotel breakfast
L:Taiwan puppet show restaurant

Hotel in Taipei City

Day – 9

Hotel ⇨ Airport

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B:Hotel breakfast

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