Picnic & Hot Spring Tour in Taipei

Beitou became a hot spring haven for the Japanese common and elite during their occupation of Taiwan. The Japanese harnessed the hot sulphur spring water, which literally flows underneath the area and emits a sulphur hot spring aroma wherever you walk and opened countless hot spring bathhouses in the area. Beitou Park which is the centre of Beitou was full of walking paths, a bubbling stream, and bridges to enjoy a day in quiet nature.
Day – 1

Taipei East Gate 3 ⇨ QingTianGang ⇨ Beitou Guide Tour⇨ Beitou Hot Spring ⇨ YangMingShan Night View⇨ Return


Qingtiangang is a lava terrace formed when the lava from Mt. Zhugao flowed north after its eruption. Because of its flat terrain, a ranch was established and the area was used as a pasture for grazing cattle during the Japanese occupation. The grassland is currently made up mainly of carpet grass and crenate-leaved eureya.

Beitou Guide Tour

Beitou local guide tour service is provided to you all to get more deeper understanding about Beitou this little hot spring city. The guide tour will bring you strolling around some attractions such as Ten Gu Temple, Beitou Library and so on.
Reference Route: Beitou Park⇨ Beitou Library⇨ Ten Gu Temple ⇨ Beitou Creek & Hokutolite ⇨ Long Nice Hot Spring

Beitou QuanYuan Park

Since the Qing Dynasty, Beitou has been well known for the extraction of sulphur, which is the main component of the Beitou Hot Spring. Beitou Hot Spring facilities were developed while Taiwan was under Japanese Imperial Rule. At that time, the Japanese were very fond of hot springs and regarded them as a way of healing diseases. As time progressed, Beitou Hot Spring has developed into one of the popular leisure attractions in Taiwan.

YangMingShan Night View

Upon Yangminshan National Park close to Chinese Culture University is likely to be the most popular night view spot in Taipei among locals, where one may find crowds or couples creating their own small world enjoying views over Taipei City. Other top night view spots in Yangmingshan National Park include Baiyun Villa, the Lin Yutang House, as well as Qingtiangang for the grassland that is favoured for star-gazing.

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Beitou Kagaya Hot Spring Resort-Hot Spring Bath Experience-NT$2300
YangMingShan The Top Restaurant- Pre-Booking

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