Orange Persimmon Views & DIY Experience in Fall

Hsinchu persimmon has more than 170 years of history in Hsinbu Township. As it is a dry and rainless foothills place, there will be also dry wind blowing on September to December. It is called “Wind of September” by the locals. The dried persimmon is well known, smell good and taste delicious caused by the dehydration of the seasonal wind and natural geographic position.
Day – 1

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DIY Dried Persimmon Program

A tasted-delicious dried persimmon should give a try at Hsinbu Township. There is a three hectare orchard with more than 200 persimmon trees with full of ripe persimmon inside. The owner uses the old traditional way persistently in order to make the good quality dried persimmon and soon it become the favorite of everyone
After joining the DIY program, you can make yourself a tasty dried persimmon.

Emei Lake

Dapu Reservoir is the first reservoir designed and built by the locals but not longer for irrigation used. It is the place rich of biodiversity and has the great potential value for tourism activities. There is a 3.5km trail around the Emei Lake was set up for you to have the glance at the natural scenery. If you are bike lover, cycling on the cycling trail is suit for you and take a look at the flock of egrets flying over the lake.

Fuxing Tea Culture Museum

Emei Fuxing Tea Factory, a vital witness of entire tea development in Emei region. It was built in 1928 and primarily produced red tea, green tea and oolong tea. These teas were exported to the Europe, North Africa and other countries. The tea factory was bankrupt in 1991 due to the fallen economic of agriculture. Hence, a whole renovation was conducted and finally turned into tea factory museum. You can have a taste of local Oriented Beauty Tea inside the tea area. Besides that, understand the development of tea factory through the guide tour can be your another option.

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