Northern Taiwan – 2 Days Relieving

Day – 1

Thousand Island Lake / Jiaoshi Hotel

Thousand Island Lake

Not many people know the secret sight-seeing spot near Taipei’s Xindian, which caused Thousand Island Lake a clam and relaxing place. Thousand Island Lake is a nice place to visit on a cool day. The view alone is worth making the journey, and you can drink tea as fresh as can be. The Bagua Tea Fields are part of the surrounding area. You can easily access it when you get to the hub area with the cafe.

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Jiaoshi Hotspring Resort (A class or B class)

Day – 2

Wangyou Valley / Jiufen Village / Puppet Theater & Restaurant

Wangyou Valley

The Wangyou Valley, located between Badouzi and Changtan Neighborhood, is covered all over by grasses which form a graceful contour. Walking down the steps to the valley, with the Badouzi Coast Park and Keelung Island in sight, visitors will leave their worries all behind.

Jiufen Village

The name of Jiufen was named after the Chinese meaning of “Jiufen”. In the past, due to the inconvenient transportation, villagers in Jiufen would buy each grocery and living product in nine as doing a favor for the other eight neighbors. In 1893, gold rush occurred in Jiufen, which caused a massive increase of people and stores here. However, after the gold rush, Jiufen decreased its population, and not until the movie “A City of Sadness” was played in 1989 did it revive.

Puppet Theater & Restaurant

Puppetry is a traditional Taiwan folk art for entertainment purpose. However, the number of people that still watching puppetry plunges nowadays, which turns out to be the reason of running the restaurant for Mr. Chen, the owner of restaurant. Not only can you taste Taiwanese meals here, but also can you watched the performance in English and played with the glove puppets!

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