Hometown of the Heirs of Clouded People

Rinari, a place that means “the place where we all head to”. It is a settlement formed due to the typhoon Morakot devastated the three townships of northern Pingtung. The Pingtung Government assisted the locals in rebuilding their homes. Majia Farm was selected to be the permanent housing site, and residents from Dashe Village in Sandimen Township, Majia Village in Majia Township, and Haocha Village in Wutai Township all moved to the farm. Houses were established with support from the World Vision.
Day – 1

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Rinari Tribe

Surrounded by mountains, Rinari enjoys an expansive birds-eye-view of the idyllic Pingbei Plain. As you walk about in Rinari, you shall find churches here and there. Each church has a different exterior, making Rinari a special place. Of course, the churches show how devout the residents are. Why not join a “royal reception” accompanied by the festive music here. Dance with your host and immerse in pure joy.

LiangShan Waterfall

Liangshan Waterfall is situated at Majia Township of Pingtung County. It is divided into three levels. Visitors can go upstream along the mountain trail to the second and third levels to admire the views. In the early morning, there are always a lot of wild birds in the area. Many people come here for mountain hiking or picnics.

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Rinari Tribe:
1. Handicraft DIY Activity (NT$250/person)
2. Tribe Flavor Cuisine (NT$350/person)
3. French Indigenous Cuisine

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