Chung Tai World & Cingjing

Day – 1

Venue ⇨ Chun Tai World ⇨ Lunch ⇨ Cingjing Farm ⇨ Afternoon Tea ⇨ Market Street (Carton King-Honey Museum-Cats’ Place、Lavender Cottage…etc.) ⇨ Taichung

Chun Tai World

Chun Tai World is a magnificent pyramid-like temple designed by Taiwanese architecture Lee Tsu Yuan. The style of Chun Tai World combine the architecture style of East and West, spending 7 years to complete the construction. With its large number of religious followers, the temple has a great significance for people in central Taiwan.

Xianshan bike path

The total length of the bicycle path is 2.5 kilometer, including 600 meters, the only “floating cycling path” in Taiwan. The bike path is famed with its stunning sceneries, and was listed on the 10 best bike routes in the world by CNN. The gentle slope of the path allows families here to enjoy a safe ride. While cycling on the bike path, the Shueishe Dam you just passed by is the essential spot for couples to take wedding photos.

Green Green Grasslands

Green green grassland has long been famed for producing temperate fruits and vegetables. It is also a great place for people who like fresh air and enjoy mountain views. On the Green Green Grassland, sheep wanders over the grassland leisurely. Besides, there are sheep shearing activity and the horsemanship show. Throughout the year, seasons stop by and leave, making diverse landscape. With well-organized tour plan and different season of views, you will have an unforgettable experience here in Cingjing.

Strolling Trail

Often times, people could see the mist rolling over the top of hills, and turn into a sea of clouds when walking on the strolling trails. The total length of the trail is 500 meters, taking 20 minutes for you to go back and forth.

Market Street

Cingjing Tourist Recreation Center is located besides Wulin Hotel, which gradually becomes the main shopping district after PRESIDENT CHAIN STORE CORPORATION stationed here in 2003. Except for the highest altitude branch of Starbucks, Lavender cottage and 7-11 store, there are also stores providing local food, agricultural products and souvenirs.

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