Choo Art Villa for 2 Days

Total Tour Days

2 Days, including 1 night at hotel



HSR Taichung Station/Old Mountain Link Rail Bike/Fuguei Peony Art Museum/Chooart Villa

Chooart Villa
The buildings are built along the contours of the slope. They respect the trees that are originally here. ChooArt insists on “trees and nature” is the leading role. Therefore, room layout was set around the tree with vertical glass surrounding the original tree, and space is reserved for the tree to grow. In learning from the Nature, ChooArt builds an ecological dreamland with care and perseverance.
Old Mountain Link Rail Bike
Old Mountain Route was completed in 1908. The railway bike activates the track of the old mountain line. Experience the beauty of Sanyi’s mountain culture, which enables tourists to explore the beauty of the old mountain railway, in a low-carbon emission, environment-friendly and healthy way.
Fuguei Peony Art Museum
This restaurant is located in Sanyi, it’s among the sculpture museum is inspiring and refreshing. Once at the restaurant you are treated to an extensive art display before getting to your table. Being relax and enjoy the fantastic cuisine in an artistic atmosphere.

Breakfast: X
Lunch: Fuguei Peony Art Museum
Dinner: In the hotel


Chooart Villa/Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station/Your Forest/HSR Taichung Station

Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station
The station was founded during the Japanese Occupation to supply the best sugarcane seedling. A variety of plants grow here, a professional guide to take you an understanding of the history and ecology.
Your Forest

Here is known as a paradise on earth. Dining here is as comfortable as at home, with a delicious meal and a beautiful environment.

Breakfast: In the hotel
Lunch: Your Forest
Dinner: X