Central Taiwan 3 Days Tour

Day – 1

Hotel / Train Station / High Speed Rail Station in Taichung City ⇨ Taichung City Tour ⇨ Fengjia Night Market ⇨ Hotel

Wufen Lin Family Mansion and Garden

Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and Garden is an extremely splendid place and is listed in the four most fascinating mansion in all Taiwan. It originally belonged to one of the four greatest families in Taiwan, the Lin’s Family in Taichung. Because of the great size of the Lin’s Family, the whole site was divided into three sections-the Laiyuan, upper and lower houses. Here you can know the daily living of the Lin’s family by visiting their house, and see Chinese and Western architecture style blending smoothly together but showing both their features.

Pearl Milk Tea DIY

Taichung is the origin of pearl milk tea, therefore, give a try of pearl milk tea or bubble tea while having lunch in Chun Shui Tang will be an unforgettable experience!

Fengjia Night Market

Snacks in Fengjia Night Market will make you drool. Octopus meat balls, “loaded baked potatoes”, sausages in sticky rice rolls, crepes, oyster omelets, sweet taro ball soup and super tall ice creams all seduce the taste-buds of night-marketeers. Fengjia night market is where you need a night to explore. Mini shopping malls and tiny stores will amazed you as you find out how interesting the goods are.

L:Traditional Taiwan Cuisine
D: Dinner on own in night market

Hotel in Taichung City

Day – 2

Hotel ⇨ Taiwan Tea Testing (tea garden observing, teaism experience) ⇨ Soft hiking to Maolanshan Trail to see the panoramic view of Sun Moon Lake

Tea garden observing

Imagine that you are a tea farmer wearing a bamboo hat and strolling in the tea garden. In tea garden, the guide will introduce the way of distinguishing tea species and reason they were called after the name.

Teaism experience

A golden chance to experience “Teaism”. Deep and professional process of Teaism will be shown by Taiwanese tea expert. The peaceful atmosphere makes tea more than a drink, turning it to be an art of taste and spirit.

Maolanshan Trail-Soft hiking

On a clear day you can see the hills surrounding Sun Moon Lake as if they are embracing her. With its charming landscape, it was recommended by Nantou County Government as the must hike trail when visiting Sun Moon Lake.

B:Hotel breakfast
L:Chinese Tea Cuisine
D: Featured Sun Moon Lake Meals or Dinner in hotel

Hotel in Sun Moon Lake

Day – 3

Hotel ⇨ Boat ride on Sun Moon Lake / Visit attractions near each harbor ⇨ Return to Hotel / Train Station / High Speed Rail Station in Taichung City

Sun Moon Lake

Taiwan’s largest freshwater lake, Sun Moon Lake, was the hometown of Thao tribe, one of the sixteen indigenous groups in Taiwan. Mysteries about Sun Moon Lake are massive, making it one of the most enchanting attractions in Taiwan.
We will take shuttle boat and enjoy comfortable breeze touching your cheeks and neck. Attractions near the harbor such as Shuanguang Temple, and Ci En pagoda, will be visited afterwards. Syuanguang Temple is the best sight of seeing Sun Moon Lake, and is also the former temple where master Syuanzang’s relic was placed. After this, we will hike up to Ci En Pagoda where Chiang Kai Shek built for memorizing his mother.

B:Hotel breakfast
L:Aborigine Meals near Sun Moon Lake
D: X


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