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A thriving international metropolis at the southern tip of Taiwan, Kaohsiung was the host city for the 2009 World Games. Due to the regulating effects of the marine climate, Kaohsiung is generally sunny and enjoys pleasant weather year-round. Known as "Taiwan's Maritime Capital," the city has worked hard in recent years to develop its tourism industry, including through beautification of the urban landscape.
Day – 1

THSR Kaohsiung Station ⇨ Cijin Relieving Bike Tour ⇨ Hamasen Railway Cultural Park ⇨ Pier 2 Art Center

Cijin Little Biking Tour

The Cijin Peninsula is a sandy islet located west of K’s port. It is about 11 km long from north to south and 20 sq feet wide. On the island, there are several attractions such as the Thienhou Temple, Chihou Shan, Cijin Lighthouse, Cijin Beach and some historical sites. The tri-saws are extremely popular here among tourists. The newly constructed tunnel connecting the island to the mainland Kaohsiung has added another attraction to Cijin Scenic Area.
Reference Route: Pier→Cijin Fort → Cijin Lighthouse → Cijin Beach → Cijin Tienhou Temple → Pier

Picnic at Hamasen Railway Cultural Park

Hamasen Railway Cultural Park was originally Kaohsiung Port Station, Kaohsiung’s first railway station, and today has been transformed into the Takao Railway Museum. The railway has been preserved in its entirety; this is Taiwan’s only century-old railway station whose railway is still usable. As well as the Museum, there is also an expansive green space, in which a dazzling bridge can be seen, rebuilt from a 38-year-old bridge. Extending from the Pier-2 Art Center to the Railway Culture Park, it has become a favourite of locals and foreign tourists alike.

Pier 2 Art Center

The main building, Pier 2 warehouse, was once a sugar storage and now houses different contemporary art throughout the year. The surrounding grounds are full of modern art sculptures, statues and decorated buildings. There are miles of walking paths and a cycle path that cuts through the art district adding a fresh feel of the area. Pier 2 Art Center is now the best place in Kaohsiung for modern art fans, and the area is bustling with young art lovers and visitors all day.

Additional Purchase

Cijin : Guide Tour (NT$1500-maximum 40 people)
Hamasen Railway Cultural Park : Kite Flying Experience (NT$100/hour)

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