Alishan & Sun Moon Lake-3 Days Bike Tour

Day – 1

Taipei Int. Airport ⇨ Alishan National Scenic Area ⇨ Hotel in Alishan

Alishan National Scenic Area

First day arrive in Taiwan, we will transfer to Alishan and directly check in to the hotel. Enjoy the calm and blissful atmosphere that is way different to metropolitan.

L:Taiwanese meal in Alishan area
D: Meal in Alishan

Hotel in Alishan

Day – 2

Alishan Zihjhong Lulin Sacred Tree Couple Trees ⇨ Dongpu ⇨ Sun Moon Lake ⇨ Hotel


The stunning view of the rising dawn over the range is the best feedback.

Lulin Sacred Tree / Couple Trees

Even though the tree has been dead since a disastrous fire and become two huge giant tree trunks of grayish white color, these sky-high tree trunks are like a couple depending on each other and thus are named the “Couple Tree.”

Donpu Hot Spring

Dongpu Hot Spring Area is a famous hot spring with abundant materials contain in it, winning a high praise from hot spring experts.

Sun Moon Lake

Free activity in Sun Moon Lake. After this, meet together and check in to the hotel.

L:Meal in Dongpu
D: Meal in Sun Moon Lake

Hotel in Sun Moon Lake

Day – 3

Hotel ⇨ Cingjing Wuling ⇨ Taichung-Chun shui Tang Pearl Milk Tea DIY ⇨ Back to Taipei

Cingjing / Wuling

Starting from Cingjing, we will ride on the highest provincial road and through the middle mountain range, and eventually arrive the highest point of the road-Wuling.

Taichung-Chun Shui Tang Pearl Milk Tea DIY

Taichung is the origin of pearl milk tea, therefore, shaking out your own pearl milk tea and bubble tea in Chun Shui Tang will be a lot of fun! After having dinner here, we will transfer to Taipei, which is the end of the three day bike tour.

L:Taiwanese Meal
D: X


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